Announcing ProPeople Web – The Newly Designed HRIS Cloud Solution

After more than 25 years as a business-critical HRIS software application for managing scheduling and competence for onshore and offshore projects, ProPeople is re-emerging with a completely new and modern user interface. The updated application is now a full-featured cloud solution that can be accessed anywhere via a standard web browser. With a fully redesigned user experience and strategic enhancements to the core software that improve user efficiencies, ProPeople Web now makes it faster and easier for teams to:

  • Build employee schedules based on competence, skills, and availability to match the demands of your project.
  • Track and monitor worker competence, certificates, and documentation to match the right people to every project.
  • Generate CVs that are always up to date.


What’s New in ProPeople Web?

The new ProPeople Web version focuses on simplifying and integrating functionality that makes the navigation easier to use. Multiple modules are integrated on the main screens and new visualization elements make it easier for users to interpret information and data.  The following provides further details on changes to dashboards, Gantt Charts, Personnel Search, and the Message Module.


Dashboard charts make tracking and monitoring all your key responsibilities easier from one view. This means you won’t need to perform advanced searches any longer and you can easily go to your dashboard to follow your daily tasks, such as follow up on expiring competence, activities without allocated personnel, or activities with competence gaps. In addition, you can also see unread messages and requests for updates to the CV directly from the dashboard.

Gantt Charts

Improved Gantt view now enables the ability to drag and drop several activities at once – which makes it easy to postpone / entire crew. In addition, one can also display last change in date and tool tip which shows competence gaps so you do not send anyone to a project that lacks qualifications:

Personnel Search

A brand-new Personnel Search will help when you have to make quick and correct decisions regarding who to allocate to an activity. The search also returns results on competence gaps, availability, and extended information, such as remaining man-year hours and nearest airport:

Message Module

Our improved Messages module ensures seamless and consistent communication using templates combined with customized messages. Simplify communication with project managers and employees – and make sure they have easy access to all the information they need. Messages + is tightly integrated with our app, ProPeople Staff, where employees can also respond to messages and confirm any assignments.

Learn More About ProPeople Web

If you are looking to learn more about the ProPeople web version, please contact us for an informal chat.