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Ensuring Reliability and Security for ProPeople Clients

Earlier this year, ProPeople successfully started to migrate their HRIS solution to the Oracle cloud. This migration helps to ensure ProPeople HRIS clients continue to have reliable access to their secure and compliant data 24/7, 365 days a year.
Anita Bo, Director at ProPeople, sat down with Gonca Kardes from Oracle to discuss the following key points:

  • How the pandemic has impacted ProPeople clients
  • How technology will help clients manage these new challenges
  • Why ProPeople made the decision to migrate to the Oracle Cloud

In this blog, we’ll review Anita’s responses to Gonca’s questions.

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected ProPeople’s Customers?

Initially, all activity stopped, but following the first lockdown, clients became busier than ever. Most of our scheduling software customers are within the oil and gas industry and have many workers on their projects. Customers needed support changing the setup and configuration of their ProPeople software to help manage new COVID-19 practices, such as rotations that contain a quarantine period. Furthermore, they needed to send information to their employees about changes, including documentation that outlined COVID-19 guidelines. One other major shift we experienced was that on-premise ProPeople customers wanted to migrate to software as a solution, or SaaS. Companies also recognized the need to replace their manual processes with more efficient digital workflows.

How can Technology Help Companies Face those Challenges?

There are a number of ways ProPeople HRIS software can help companies overcome these new challenges:

  • Automated workflows: Automated workflows within ProPeople’s new web application will help companies eliminate many manual processes and the use of Excel spreadsheets for critical schedule data. This helps to ensure all information is stored in a central system instead of within a private email or spreadsheets that are not easily accessed by everyone who needs the data.
  • Message Module: ProPeople customers send a lot of information and the message module tool makes it easy for on and offshore projects to keep team members and personnel up to date.
  • Saas Solution: Companies no longer need to think about operational responsibility and everything that comes with it. Bad routines, old equipment, and old hardware that put their data at risk are no longer an issue. Protecting data and systems is an important part of business continuity and ProPeople ensures clients have regular backups of their data and that the data is well protected.

Why did ProPeople Move to Oracle Cloud?

We were hosting our SaaS solution on our local, private cloud and knew it was time to move to a professional hosting solution. As the ProPeople team was helping to migrate more and more customers, we had to do everything manually – all the scaling, monitoring, and security. Everything was handled manually. We needed a professional cloud operator and one that could help us create a safe environment for all of the databases.

Technology, security, and GDPR compliance were key for us during the transition to Oracle Cloud. We receive many security assessment requests from customers for GDPR compliance, so to have all of the data in the same cloud environment makes it a lot easier for us to respond to those GDPR requests to let them know we are compliant.

What is the Expected Impact of this Project on ProPeople and on its Customers?

We expect to have a stable and reliable operating environment for our clients in the future. With the continued support and collaboration of Oracle, we are confident that we can achieve this.